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For more than 30 years, The Centre Group has helped businesses in the Memphis, Tennessee, area motivate and engage their people. Using innovative techniques and unrivaled experience, we help clients build successful organizations with great people, quality training and undeniable results.

The Centre Group offers a variety of services, from conducting employee surveys to helping your executives improve their leadership skills with proven training techniques. We believe the health of a business depends on people having a vested interest in the outcome. That’s why we strive to tie employee rewards and recognition to the success of the company, helping every member of your staff feel essential to your company’s success. With intuitive compensation strategies from The Centre Group, your company will always be working at its best.

We listen to our clients to find creative solutions to their problems while improving their organization at every turn. Great human resource management can be the difference in retaining good employees or watching them leave your organization. With decades of experience shaping successful companies, we know how to make you hear the voice of your employees. The Centre Group also helps clients fill leadership gaps through executive searches and outsourced human resources services.

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Compensation Strategies The Centre Group provides solutions to a company’s compensation issues by conducting market-based compensation studies, designing broad-based compensation systems and developing performance-based pay programs for employees and executives.

Executive Search We partner with you to search out the very best executive talent to meet your organizations unique needs and culture.

Employee Opinion Survey The Centre Group secures information from your employees that you can’t get yourself, which enables you to engage the power of the human spirit to achieve joint success.

Leadership Skills Development We help you access and address gaps in your leadership capabilities to achieve the highest level of employee engagement and performance.

Outsourced HR Services Our goal is to enable you to provide best-in-class HR Management practices on a scalable basis, saving you money without compromising quality.